Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wedding Crafts: Challenges of Blogging

I started this blog after I got engaged. I knew, that that time, that most of the crafts I planned to make, were going to be for my wedding.

Well it turned out to be true. I have been crafting a normal amount lately  if not more than normal, and I have not made any crafts that I want to blog about. The thing is, I want all the crafts at my wedding to be new and exciting. I don't want people to walk into my reception and whisper to their friend: "I know exactly how she made those flowers, dresses, necklaces...ect. Even though you might think they look impressive, its actually really easy." I want people to walk in and whisper to their friend: "WOW, thats so cool, where did she find such a cool object! Its so unique!"

Its tough to not blog about my crafts, let alone tell people about them. I would not say that my number one skill is with keeping secrets, when I get excited about something, I just want to tell people! I am so proud of so many of the crafts that I made so far but am really struggling to keep them a secrete.

The funny thing is that I knew this was going to happen as soon as I started the blog. Why couldn't I wait just 7 more months!? When I get excited, I cant hold it in! So I started, and started too early, and now have nothing to share.

In the end this blog post is about nothing really, just that I want to blog, but I cant. :(