Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Little About Me

I thought I would share a little about myself and this blog. Mostly just for interest sake, and because its my blog so I can do what I want.

I think the stereotypy of a person who likes crafts is something like this: Woman, has kids, stay at home Mom, probably 40+ unless she had kids when she was young, enjoys reading Anne of Green Gables with some herbal tea, and probably owns a quilted purse, jacket, vest, and maybe even pants that they wear regularly. I'm also not saying that I think that is a bad thing, my Mom, who fits many of those things, is my crafting inspiration. I'm just saying its a stereotype.

I am: a Woman, and own a quilted purse. That's it! I don't even really like babies, I am hoping to have a thriving career  I am in my early 20's. I really don't like reading, especially fiction. I drink black tea 98% of the time, and I think quilts are amazing...for beds and couches.
Who knows, maybe I will own something like this when I am 70. Not for now.
I'm not saying all crafters are like that, I actually have some really cool friends that craft. I think Etsy is helping young people that like crafting to realize they are not alone! Its just a stereotype that I don't fit. I also think this stereotype is changing as young crafters are coming out of the closet.

As Far as crafting goes I do it for a variety of reasons:

1-I see something I like and am not willing to spend the money that it costs so I make it myself
2-I have an idea of something I want, and its way cooler when you make it your self
3-I enjoy it. Its a hobby-thats probably the main reason

I started crafting when I was a kid, as I would suspect most kids do. I painted Easter eggs, made Christmas tree decorations, colored pictures, and the whole lot. I hope skills have increased since then :S.
Some classic craft time
I some how knew that painting outside on an easel increases skills
Clearly I was very skilled with stickers
I remember being embarrassed by this painting because
 I was the only person who made a nose the way I did.
I have never done one type of craft, I like variety and want to try it all. I like to refurbish furniture, I crochet, I make jewellery  I am in the process of making all the decorations for my wedding, I love to work with clay, I make headbands, I love to paint, and I'm sure there is more. The only thing that I cant do is sew. This is ironic because my Mom is an amazing seamstress. She used to own her own clothing company. But she never taught me how, and now I can't even patch holes in my jeans.

Im not an expert at any craft because I usually do something once, learn as I go, and then never try again to improve and learn from my mistakes.

Other than crafting I have a normal life. I have a business degree and work as an office manager. I Enjoy sports, but generally am not good at them. I know and love Jesus, and crafting is one of my ways that I worship him. I love the beach and the ocean, I love to volunteer and lean about cultures. One of my biggest dreams and aspirations in life is to make a difference in reducing poverty.